Company's history

Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant went down in the history of Ukraine as a first-born of domestic combine-building, then it became the first company in the country, which mastered manufacturing of small class vehicles. The plant was growing, constructing, rising from the ruins, modernizing, re-profiling, retraining, but kept going forward, following the main course directed for manufacturing of high-quality domestic vehicle.




The chronicle of Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant started when the colonist Abraham Koop, Dutchman by birth, established a company specialized in agricultural machines and equipment.




Melitopol Engine Plant was established for manufacturing of stationary internal-combustion engines (today it is the structural subdivision of CJSC "ZAZ").




Zaporizhia Plant with "Kommunar" name started manufacturing grain combines and other agricultural




Beginning of passenger cars manufacturing in Ukraine. Totally (from 1960 to 1994) there were 3,422,444 "Zaporozhets" vehicles manufactured in Zaporizhia and engines with air-cooling in Melitopol.




Serial production of "Tavria" family passenger cars was started in Zaporizhia and manufacturing of engines with liquid cooling - in Melitopol.




The Joint Ukrainian-Korean Venture with Foreign Investment in the form of a Closed Joint Stock Company "AvtoZAZ-DAEWOO" was registered. Manufacturing of a new "Tavria-nova" car was started. Works on production preparation were completed and SKD assembly of the European level vehicles "Lanos", "Nubira", "Leganza" was started in Illichivsk Plant of Automobile Units (SSS "IPAU").




The plant changed the form of ownership and became the Closed Joint Stock Company with Foreign Investment "Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant".




Significantly new production has been created in the company. Full-scale manufacturing of VAZ -21093 and VAZ-21099, «Lanos (Т-150)», «Opel Astra G» cars was started.




ZAZ designers developed Lanos-pick-up car; production facilities of the SSS "IPAU" were prepared for manufacturing of «I-VAN» buses on the basis of "TATA" vehicle chassis.




Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant confirmed the compliance of its own quality management system with international standard ISO: 9001-2000.
CJSC "ZAZ" products conforms to Euro-2 standards.
Manufacturing of semi-trailers НХ2210 for passenger cars' transportation was mastered. Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant was ranked among national leaders of automotive branch. This news was informed by Organizational Committee according to the data of the State Statistics Committee.
The range of Chinese passenger cars "Chery" was mastered in production.
According to the estimate of National Business Rating, CJSC "ZAZ" was ranked the first in the nomination "Volume of products sold" in the branch "Production of vehicles".






Chevrolet Lanos was ranked among three leaders by popularity in Russia.
"Car of the Year in Ukraine", the most prestigious contest in the domestic automotive industry, named Chevrolet Aveo as the best passenger car of the year 2006 in the "price/quality" ratio.
Re-certification audit confirmed the compliance of quality management system at SSS "AvtoZAZ-Motor" with the requirements of international standard ISO: 9001-2000.
FSO plant in Poland started the production of Chevrolet Aveo.
Planned capacity of the production line will enable by 2009 to sell annually more than 100,000 cars at the markets of European Union and CIS countries. UkrAVTO and GM announced about the establishment of Joint Venture.
According to the estimate of National Business Rating, Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant was ranked the first in the nomination "Volume of products sold" in the branch "Production of vehicles". Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant became one of the national leaders of automotive branch.  



The laureates of the twelfth national program "Person of the year - 2007" were determined. CJSC "Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant" became a laureate of the program in the nomination "Investment of the year".
100-thousandth Chevrolet Lanos car, manufactured by CJSC "ZAZ", was shipped to sales network to be dispatched to Russian Federation.
Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant created the car for the tallest person of the planet.
Chevrolet Aveo New was acknowledged to be the best car of Kyiv International Motor Show SIA'2008.
Production of Sens Euro-3 car with power steering and air conditioner was started.
145 years ago the history of Ukrainian car building industry started in Zaporizhia - the history of Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant, one of the oldest industrial enterprises of Ukraine.
Melitopol Engine Plant celebrated its centenary.
During Stolichnoye Motor Show 2008 Vladimir S. Novitskiy, Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, handed over the license for manufacturing the cars and buses No. 1 to CJSC "ZAZ". 



Lanos was the absolute leader of sales in 2008 in Ukraine.
By Decree of the President of Ukraine, CJSC "ZAZ" employees were rewarded with State awards of Ukraine for considerable personal contribution into the development of national machine-building, technical and organizational improvement of production and essential labor achievements.
By the results of National automobile rating "Auto-rating 2008", which was held within the framework of the contest "Motor Vehicle of the Year in Ukraine", leader of sales in small class - Chevrolet Aveo - was acknowledged to be the winner of All-Ukrainian action "Motor Vehicle of the Year in Ukraine 2009" in the nomination "The best ratio of price and quality".
According to the announcement of National Business Rating, CJSC "ZAZ" was the leader of automotive branch in 2008. The company keeps the leading positions among Ukrainian companies four years running.
Beginning of cooperation with KIA MOTORS.



ZAZ Lanos  is the absolute sales leader among the compact cars  according to the version of National Motor Rating – “Autorating  2009”.  ZAZ-1103 became the sales leader among the baby cars.
The Contest “Autorating” was arranged in 2010 for the second time and in its nominations took part the vehicles, which were officially on sales in Ukraine since the 1st of January till the 31st of December, 2009. And its prize-winners, i.e the absolute sales leader and sales leader in definite groups became the vehicles, for which Ukrainian consumers have voted by hryvnia. 

  Sales of absolutely new urban bus ZAZ A10C have been started in dealer network of TDC-AVTO.  It is the new model of Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant with a new level of comfort.
The bus optimally suits for operation under urban conditions. Its main peculiarity is smooth run, which is provided by automatic transmission and soft pneumatic suspension, which assures the new qualitative level of passenger traffic. Besides, the low floor and non-availability of steps on RR and FRT doors are important for convenience of passengers, that makes the process of boarding and deplaning to be convenient and fast,  being especially important for old people. Interior of new bus differs with its capacity and successful arrangement of equipment: 24 seats are placed in such position, that all 62 passengers of the bus feel comfortable. Nowadays   the production preparation was started for “suburbs” and “tourist” modifications.
  “Zaporozhets” is 50!  Within the largest rally for “Zaporozhets” cars in Ukraine over 200 crews, about 300 participants have arrived in the plant, where their favorite vehicle was developed half a century ago.
  Annually on “Motor Show on Stolichny”  CJSC “ZAZ” represents its new designs. The following models are represented on Motor Show - 2010:
• ZAZ Lanos, 1,5 l with automatic transmission.
• ZAZ Lanos van – electric vehicle.
• ZAZ Lanos - Sports.
• ZAZ Lanos hatchback - tuning.



Production of “Tavria” family cars has been completed   in January. The last “Golden Slavuta” car has been sold on auction.

  Ukrainian National Motor Campaign – “Autorating  2010” solemnly announced the winners. 515 vehicle models have been represented for participation in campaign, but only ZAZ Lanos has been recognized by jury as the most deserving under criteria “market success” Fide years running the Ukrainians vote for it with their purses, and three years running it takes place within the contest “Avtorating”!
  Official presentation of ZAZ Forza model took place at Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant, which signified the start of mass production of new model.
ZAZ Forza is the new representative of the widely spread Ukrainian vehicle brand. The passenger car of C class will be manufactured with sedan and hatchback bodies and with Base, Base plus, Comfort, Luxury allocations, both for domestic market and for export. The Company plans for 2011 include deliveries over 1 500 units of ZAZ  Forza to Ukrainian market and over  7, 5 thsd. units  to CIS countries. 
ZAZ Forza style was designed by Torino Design.   Forza means in Italian “might”, “motion”, “forward”, and just in such strategy the representatives of Ukrainian automotive industry are interested.


Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant started serial production of ZAZ Lanos car equipped with 16-valve engine, having displacement 1.4L, manufactured by GM, and automatic gear box, manufactured by Aisin (Japan). The car is available in HB and NB body styles.


Ilyichevsk Plant of Automobile Units mastered two new modifications of А-07 bus –  “School” bus for 33 and  27 seats. There was also started production of А-10 bus. It will be manufactured in three modifications: “City”, “Suburban” and “Tourist”.





For the sixth time ZAZ Lanos won a victory and got the title “Absolute bestseller” in the popular All-Ukrainian rating–event “Auto Rating 2011”, in which there were participated more than 400 car models. During the years Ukrainian car owners have had time to ascertain that Lanos is a car with the best “price-quality” ratio.

  ZAZ Forza gained its first award – title “The best moderate car” in the most popular All-Ukrainian contest “Car of the year of 2012 in Ukraine”.
  Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant started serial full-scale production of new car - ZAZ Vida.
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