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03 / 02 / 2009

Sales Realty

Sales Realty

CJSC "Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant" offers office and dwelling premises in Zaporizhia at 11b Nagnibeda str. DETAILS Location Advantages - Close proximity to road interchange; - Lively district; - Ecologically safe district with good image; - High-quality built up area nearby adjacent dwelling houses; - High-level living standard in the district. Characteristics of office premises First floor of 2porch 9-storied brick house; Thickness of outer walls is 510 mm, which provides full safety (against unauthorized access) for business activity; Outer walls have heat insulation and are finished with gypsum plasterboard; Inner walls are made of foamed concrete blocks; Premises height is 2.7m; Metal-plastic window; Independent heating of office; Safety system (grating on windows); Arrangement of a separate entrance to office premises (upon request); Telecommunication systems (phone, Internet, TV) Related services Transfer of premises from dwelling fund into non-dwelling, documentation approval; Premises re-layout; Re-arrangement of office; Designing of office interior; Decorative finishing; Installation of alarm system; Office turnkey projects. Description of dwelling premises 2-roomed flats - total area 68 sq.m to 72 sq.m. with comfortable layout; 3-roomed flats - total area 68 sq.m to 72 sq.m with comfortable layout; Prices - from 5 600 UAH per 1 sq.m. Outer walls are made of lime-sand brick with heat insulation and finished with gypsum plasterboard; Separation walls between flats are made of foamed concrete blocks with reinforced net and are plastered; Separation walls inside flat are made of foamed concrete blocks and are plastered; Ceiling panels joints are sealed with cement solution; Premises height is 2,7m; Heat and noise insulation made under floors; Metal-plastic windows, balcony doors; Metal entrance door with on-door speakerphone and cabling; Metal door for entrance to the flat; Flats heating by boilers installed in dining rooms integrated into kitchen; Cold water, electric power, fag meters; Electric cables routing; Floor nearby gas boiler is made of ceramic tile; Water closet and bathroom walls (inner) are not finished. Sale conditions - Price per 1 sq.m - the lowest in Zaporizhia- from 5 600 UAH per 1 sq.m; - Flexible system of sale/taking into consideration client's wishes; - Possible payment by installments; - The best quality of building in Zaporizhia; - You buy not securities /proprietary rights (as our competitors offer), but a flat with documents issued for your name and start beautification of your own "family fireside"; - In the structure of CJSC "ZAZ" there is a subcontractor "ZAZinveststry. LTD." that can make for you high-quality repair at low /reduced prices, because YOU is our buyer. Contacts: In Zaporizhia: 5 Komsomolskaya str. Tel: 8 (061) 286-03-69, 8-067-406-69-11 In Kyiv: 10 Starokyivska str. Тel: 8 (о44) 490-28-95.

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