News February 2009

10 / 02 / 2009


SLAVUTA  - ESSENTIALS SHOULD BE WIDELY AVAILABLE "UkrAVTO" Corporation and "AvtoZAZ-Service" Affiliate (official distributor of Slavuta cars in Ukraine) notify about continuation of Slavuta cars production at Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant in 2009 and their sales in the car show rooms of dealer network. By continuation of "Slavuta" production in 2009 UkrAVTO provides Ukrainian customers with really "budget" cars with reasonable price. Indeed, Slavuta cars are the cheapest at new passenger cars market of Ukraine. Since February 9 "UkrAVTO" Corporation made these cars even more widely available, prices for "Slavura" have been reduced. Now one can buy Slavuta at the price from 35 074 UAH, that to the date equals approximately to 4300 USD. As everybody knows, Slavuta perfectly showed itself as a "people's" car at the market of Ukraine. Starting from 1999 almost 123 000 Slavuta cars found their owners in Ukraine. Slavuta is bought by people of different age - as the first car for getting experience in driving, as irreplaceable assistant for luggage transportation and even as a taxi. Slavuta's strengths are well-known: reliability, economy, endurance and high resistance to corrosion, moderate cost of car's operation, possibility of buying the car almost in each, even small, city of Ukraine, the biggest net of service stations, cheap spare parts. One might say that Slavuta is an "easy-going" car. It is easy to buy it, to maintain and to drive.
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