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30 / 03 / 2009

ZAZ cars: buy Ukrainian - support native makers

ZAZ cars: buy Ukrainian - support native makers Word "ZAZ" has been always an embodiment of such terms as "native", "own", "accessible". And now, under the difficult economic condition, these words become even more important and valuable. It is evident that ensuring real support to the national economy is possible owing to production in Ukraine, on the one hand, and purchase of locally produced products, on the other. Trends observed at the new passenger cars market of Ukraine during recent months demonstrate shift of consumer priorities towards purchase of "budget" cars. And this is no surprise: as far as proposals on purchase crediting are extremely limited, more and more consumers consider the possibility of cars purchase for cash, without any loans. But a car has to be not only cheap, but also reliable and well-adapted to our road conditions … in other words, it has to have its own successful history at the market. Nowadays, despite of the difficulties experienced by the automotive industry, Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant continues production of its products. High-quality, reliable and actually widely-available cars are manufactured at the up-to-date plant by the specialists having long-term experience. And what is the most important - they have been and are still chosen by hundreds of thousands of motor-cars enthusiasts. Today's range of ZAZ products include: Lanos, Sens, Slavuta, Tavria pick-up, offering the consumers different options of equipping and range of engines. Important fact: this year range of ZAZ products was enlarged by Lanos car. As informed earlier, in the end of 2008 production of Lanos cars was relocated to CJSC "ZAZ". Based on the decision taken by the management of "UkrAvto" Corporation Lanos car has been rebranded; henceforth it will be available at the Ukrainian market as "ZAZ Lanos". Literally one can say that Lanos is a strategic product for the Ukrainian market. As, despite of the constantly increasing competition, Lanos has been acknowledged as the sales leader at new passenger cars market of Ukraine for three years running. Recently Lanos has repeatedly confirmed its name of the National Car, having got the title of "Absolute leader of sales in Ukraine" in the National automobile rating "Auto-Rating 2008". Only new cars officially registered in the State Automobile Inspection authority were included into calculations. Thus, rating winner was defined by the consumers, who had been voting by their "purses" buying Lanos cars during the year. Dealer network offers Lanos cars at the price from 59 900 UAH, and Sens -from 57 340 UAH. Slavuta car is the cheapest at new passenger cars market of Ukraine. "Essentials should be widely available" - it is written down on the official WEB-site of Slavuta cars. Indeed, owing Slavuta car is not burdensome for one's budget, taking into account reasonable price of the car itself, low expenses for fuel and cheapness of servicing. Slavuta cars are bought by people of different age - as a family car, first car for gaining experience in driving, car for luggage transportation. Some statistics: since 1999 till today almost 123 000 Slavuta cars found their owners in Ukraine. Besides, as of today Slavuta is the only one car that participates in the State social program for providing disabled people with such cars free of charge. "UkrAVTO" Corporation does its best to keep Slavuta widely available, now it can be bought at the price from 35 000 UAH. As for Tavria pick-up, it is the most popular commercial vehicle in Ukraine. Tavria pick-up represents the best traditions in the domestic automotive industry, it serves faithfully to its owners. To the point, among the clients, giving preference to Tavria pick-up, there are the representatives not only of the small- and medium-scale businesses, but large-scale companies as well. Price for Tavria pick-up starts from 34 900 UAH. Thus, cars of ZAZ products range remain to be widely available even in such difficult economic conditions. They are widely available from all points of view: the most reasonable prices, possibility of buying and servicing even in small towns, wide availability of spare parts, alternatives in purchase financing ("Autoplan" program, crediting).
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