News June 2009

01 / 06 / 2009

CJSC “ZAZ” started to produce КІА cars.

CJSC “ZAZ” started to produce КІА cars.

Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant started SKD-production of Kia Сee'd and KIA Sportage cars. The experts note that for KIA company this is a way to reduce cost price approximately by 25% and to export cars in EU countries in the future. Ukrainian car manufacturers are interested in placing of orders for cars production. Representatives of КIA Motors and "UkrAVTO" Corporation, to which CJSC "ZAZ" is included, had negotiations with participation of Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko.

 Chairman of the Board of CJSC "ZAZ" Mykola Yevdokymenko:

"SKD-production of KIA cars has been already started. We are producing Сeed and Sportage cars. Then we plan to start full-scale production of KIA Сeed for Ukrainian market. An agreement reached with Korean KIA Motors Corporation with regard to SKD-production covers the period since May, 2009, till May,  2010. Totally 17 thsd. cars are planned to be produced.

Vice-President of "UkrAVTO" Corporation Oleg Papashev: 

« Earlier Kia Motors and 'UkrAVTO" came to an agreement to distribute Kia cars in Ukraine. We think that owing to our network and based on experience we have in sales of similar class cars we can sell more cars than they used to sell before through Kia Distribution Company ".

CJSC "ZAZ", which is included in "UkrAVTO"  Corporation, manufactures such passenger cars as ZAZ, Lanos, Sens, VAZ, Chevrolet, ТАТА trucks,  I-VAN bus and spare parts thereto.

"UkrAVTO" Corporation is the leader of Ukrainian automobile market; it has the largest dealers' network in Ukraine, as well as dealers' centers in Poland. During many years UkrAVTO has been cooperating with Daimler AG, Chrysler LLC, General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, Chery and AvtoVAZ.

KIA Motors Cooperation was founded in 1944; it is a part of Hyundai-KIA Industrial Group, which owns 13 plants in 8 countries. In 2008 the company manufactured 1.5 mln. vehicles. Proceeds exceeded 14.5 billion USD. Dealers' show rooms of KIA Motors are located in 172 countries.

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