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16 / 07 / 2010

Jubilee of “Zaporozhets”!

Jubilee of “Zaporozhets”!

More than 100 crews, about 200 people arrived in the plant, where their favorite was created, as participants of the greatest motor race of "Zaporozhets" cars in Ukraine.

"Jubilee" motor race started in Lvov on the 10th of July. In the morning of the 16th of July participants of the action were welcomed at the territory of Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant.
During a short time the territory of plant test track was filled with well-disposed rows of cars: well-attended small cars of all colors and paints looked very young! Owners of ZAZ-965 and ZAZ-966 cars were cordially greeted by top managers of Zaporozhye region, CJSC "ZAZ" and many journalists.
Watching the column of bright tuned cars, the Chairman of Zaporozhye State Regional Administration, Boris Petrov, also could not resist the temptation to sit holding the steering wheel of classical ZAZ-965. "This was the first car which I used to drive when I was young. I have very pleasant remembrances", - head of the region shared his impressions.
"Zaporozhets" is by right considered to be a legendary car, after all, the history of midget passenger cars manufacture in the USSR started exactly with this car. On the 18th of June, 1959 the first pilot sample of midget car "Zaporozhets" appeared out of the gates of experimental shop. In 1960 serial production of ZAZ-965 was started.
Ceremonial welcome was opened by the Chairman of the Board of CJSC "ZAZ" Nikolay Yevdokimenko:
- I am sincerely glad to greet you in the historic homeland of cars, on which you came to us. But the time doesn't stand still, the company has been developing and everything that you will see today in the plant testifies that we continue the glorious traditions of predecessors.
Welcoming speech for the guests of the city was made by the Chairman of Zaporozhye State Regional Administration Boris Petrov, Secretary of Zaporozhye City Council Yuriy Kaptyuh, honorable citizen of Zaporozhye city, Director of "AvtoZAZ" since 1983 till 1996, Stepan Kravchun.
Among the guests of car festival were also the employees of "Kommunar" plant, today's veterans Alexandr Adamets, tester Ivan Koshkin as well as Arkadiy Besedin, Anatoliy Zagorko  - the history of "Zaporozhets" car creation is also a part of their labor career.
In commemoration of anniversary celebration the guests - car enthusiasts and veterans of the company were awarded with diplomas. According to Irina Voloh, participant of motor race, among the worshippers of "Zaporozhets" there are people of different age: from 20 to 60 and older. All of them value their hobby very much and take their favorite car not just as a vehicle, but as a part of their own, unique history.
After the completion of solemn ceremony participants of the motor race were invited for the tour to the main production shops of Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant, guided by Deputy Chairman of the Board of CJSC "ZAZ" Vasiliy Krivonos. Watching with unfeigned interest the modern production process at ZAZ, the guests were already making plans for the future: to come in 7 years for the Birthday of the next model - ZAZ-966!

It's interesting to know

Having overcome the 50-years' anniversary, next year ZAZ-965 will pass to the first category of antique cars of Europe.
At the territory of ZAZ 100 cars ZAZ-965 and ZAZ-966 lined up in the largest column of "Zaporozhets" cars with the length of 706 meters.
46 cars ZAZ-965 formed the figure "50" at the central square of Zaporozhye city to commemorate the 50th anniversary since the beginning of this car serial production at Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant.
After Zaporozhye the column of cars left for Arabatskaya spit, further to Sevastopol, and from there they will go back to Lvov. During the whole race "Zaporozhets" cars should cover 3.333 km (length of the cars is 3.333 mm).


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