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17 / 02 / 2011

CJSC “ZAZ” presents the new vehicle

CJSC “ZAZ” presents the new vehicle

On the 17th of February the regular official presentation of ZAZ Forza model took place at Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant, which marked the start of mass production for the new vehicle.

The participants of celebrations were the Chairman of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration Boris Petrov, City Mayor Alexander Sin, honorary President of "UkrAVTO" Corporation Tariel Vesadze, Chairman of CJSC "ZAZ" Nikolai Yevdokimenko, Chairman of Regional Council Pavel Matviyenko, Secretary of Municipal Council Vladimir Kaltsev. Besides the representatives of municipal authorities and company top managers, Zhou Biren, the Vice-President of Chery Automobile, strategic partner of Zaporozhye plant was also present at the mentioned presentation.
The guests have met the new ZAZ Forza vehicles with applause. The words of support and gratitude to the address of the company have been repeatedly heard from the stage, as well as the confidence, that the new car will have the successful future! In conclusion, the honorary guests, journalists have left their autographs on snow-white ZAZ Forza, as well as their wishes of success and safe way!
In the course of excursion the regional and municipal authorities, AvtoZAZ-Service dealers, numerous journalists got acquainted with production facilities of CJSC "ZAZ", the process of full-scale production for ZAZ Forza.
The participants of campaign had the possibility to test the new car, both as the drivers, and passengers on the test track of CJSC "ZAZ".
The acquaintance with the new car was completed with press-conference for representatives of Ukrainian and regional mass media.
On the same day the conference of AvtoZAZ-Service dealers took place, where they discussed the sales trends and peculiarities of price policy.

In extenso:

Boris PETROV, Chairman of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration:
- The company employees create new Ukraine by their intellect, achievements, move ahead the state economy. We are proud, that we cap present the new vehicle. Its name is Forza, that means - strength, power and development. I want to express the gratitude to top management of the Company, to golden hands of its employees. Let wish success to new vehicle and to all its future consumers!

Pavel MATVIYENKO, Chairman of Zaporozhye Regional Council :

- Creation of new Ukrainian vehicle is a large victory of the whole plant staff. In spite of financial crisis, You managed to make reconstruction of conveyors and to start mass production of new vehicle. And it resulted in arrangement of new jobs, which became the considerable contribution to social & economical development of the region. Today I have chance to address to compatriots: let's buy new Ukrainian cars!

Alexander SIN, Zaporozhye City Mayor:
- Having launched the new model into production, in spite of crisis, ZAZ confirmed, that it was the real industrial leader not only in Zaporozhye, but in Ukraine as well.
Thanks to successful work, Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant moves Ukraine nearer to Europe!

Tariel Vasadze, honorary President of "UkrAVTO" Corporation:
- We managed to arrange production of modern vehicles. We plan to enlarge the share of Ukrainian components in vehicle to 55%. It is very expensively, certainly, but only after this, we'll be able to export Forza cars to other countries.

Nikolai Yevdokimenko, Chairman of CJSC "ZAZ":
- ZAZ will treat the manufacturing cost with proper responsibility, producing the products and components for ZAZ Forza in Ukraine, namely, at ZAZ, as well as using the Ukrainian raw materials. For example, we purchase the steel sheet at "Zaporozhstal", about 15 thsd. ton.

Zhou Biren, Vice-President of Сhery Automobile Со:
- I'm glad to be here today, on the presentation ceremony of the new model - ZAZ Forza. We have already been cooperating with Ukrainian manufactures during 4 years and have sold about 17000 vehicles for that period.
We hope for further fruitful cooperation with Zaporozhye plant and for promotion of new model to European market.

Savour ZAZ Forza!
with motto "Emotion force - aspiring to new targets"

"Might!", "Move it!" "Forward!" - it's the proper Italian equivalent of the completely new auto beauty name, presented at Zaporozhye Automobile Plant on February, 17! The novelty was honoured simultaneously with start of sales in AutoZAZ-service - official distributor's network. This new model has become another member of ZAZ line, which have been the most popular and most demanded by customers due to the proved durability and affordable price.
ZAZ Forza Hatchback will appear in AutoZAZ-service network and on the roads of Ukraine too, in the second half of 2011. But you are welcome to try sedan and to feel the might of emotions already now!

New bright design
Ukrainian novelty - ZAZ Forza, which mass production commenced at the same day, turned out to be such not by name only - stylish fresh design by Italian Torino Design speaks through every part. Vehicle colour range, interior and exterior will satisfy the most fastidious customers, the noble Forza features are obvious at sight.
looking into the details, you notice some other advantages: powerful engine (109 h.p.) by Austrian ACTECO design, emission level Euro-4, range of options is wide enough for a budget vehicle, the competitive price.

Let's look closer. ZAZ Forza engine is a 16-valve petrol power unit with combustion volume of 1497 , having fuel consumption 7,2 L/100 km in a mixed mode, 5,8 L/100 km in suburban mode, 9,7 L/100 km in urban mode. The vehicle heart is married with 5-gear manual transmission and ensures a good performance. Front suspension is the independent McPherson system, and rear - semi-dependent with shock-absorbers' coil springs provide the excellent drivability. Maximum torque is 140 N.m at 4500 rpm. Even the basic option offers power steering, adjustable steering column and A/C. This vehicle can claim not only the proper place among iron horses for strong men's arms, but also a name of "lady-mobile" due to easy driving and comfort! Central lock and trunk lock with remote control in basic option is another advantage of this novelty among analogues vehicles.

Driver and passengers' comfort
On the driver's seat of new ZAZ brand vehicle, one can not help noticing high quality of interior cloth trims and convenient instrument panel made in classic style. As really new and comfortable vehicle, it provides enough room in passenger compartment both for the long distance trip and in a city. It is ensured by a wheel base of 2527 mm and trunk volume - 370 L. By the way, let's pay a special attention to a trunk lid - it opens together with rear window, what allows to carry bigger cargos. So, not only the young couple but a family with children will feel like at home. Concerning driver and passenger comfort, we must point out the seat 4-way adjustment, the power windows also improve the comfort of all the travelers. Audio system with USB port and mp3 is in charge of positive and good mood creation. Advantage of seat heating function goes without saying!

Safe basics
What can be more valuable in a car than synergy of functionality and high safety? Only one thing - both and by the affordable price. The simplest allocation of ZAZ Forza amounts to 79 900 UAH. Even the basic option has the driver's air bag, antitheft system, immobilizer. The body design contains hard side door impact beams, what will surely contribute in saving life and health of passengers in emergency situation. More expensive allocation provides a dual airbag, ABS and EBD. Rear Parktronic system will inform the driver about small distance to any object behind. The safety belt indicator lamp will remain the absent-minded lady-driver about driving precautions. Rear fog lamps, electric headlamp levelling device, power rear view mirrors will be useful both for beginners and experienced drivers.
Other arguments for new ZAZ Forza?!? Maybe, your smile, driving pleasure and wish to drive forward again and again!
Bright design, improved safety and comfort, support from manufacturer and distribution company - isn't it the base for your successful advance?
За рулем нового ЗАЗ Forza! Под девизом «Сила эмоций - вперед к новым свершениям!»
Drive new ZAZ Forza with motto "Emotion force - aspiring to new targets!"

Reference on CJSC "ZAZ"
CJSC "Zaporozhye automobile building plant" (CJSC "ZAZ") is the only company in Ukraine, possessing the full cycle of passenger cars' manufacturing. High technical level has become the basis for fruitful cooperation of CJSC "ZAZ" with world leading automotive companies: Adam Opel, Daimler AG, GM DAT, VAZ, TATA, Сhery, KIA. CJSC "ZAZ" production capacity is more than 150 000 vehicles per year.
CJSC "ZAZ" is a group member of UkrAvto company. Ukrainian Motor Corporation is a leading automotive company in Ukraine, biggest producer and distributor of vehicles, high quality vehicle maintenance provider.
Reference on Distribution company
AvtoZAZ-service, affiliate of Ukrainian Motor Corporation history started in 2002. Today AvtoZAZ-service is the official distributor of ZAZ in Ukraine. The demand on these vehicles lets AvtoZAZ-service occupy one of the leading positions on internal automotive market. Company dealer network is the biggest in Ukraine. Company employs skilled production and administrative professionals.
Individual credit by Astra Bank to buy the novelty of automotive market of Ukraine - ZAZ Forza
The advantage of joint credit program for ZAZ Forza is advanced payment - low as never before at the market, which is 10% from the vehicle cost. The drivers will be also satisfied by a low interest rate, which depends on crediting term. The shorter the credit term is, the lower interest rate: crediting up to one year it is only 8,5% annually, one to two years - 13,5 % per year, two to five years - 15,5 % per year, crediting five to seven years stipulates 16% annual interest rate. Maximum credit term is 7 years. Single commission fee is 2,5% from the credit amount. Credit currency - UAH. Annuity credit repayment will enable exact expenses for all the credit repayment period.
This credit is intended for ZAZ Forza vehicles, sold in UkrAvto network. The credit formalization for a customer is made directly in the show room without visiting bank. The decision on credit application is made within one hour and a half to one day.



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