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22 / 03 / 2012

ZAZ widens model lineup. Welcome: ZAZ Vіda!

ZAZ widens model lineup. Welcome: ZAZ Vіda!

Zaporozhye, 22.03.12. Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant has started with full-scale production of a new Ukrainian car, ZAZ Vida. ZAZ Vida output in 2012 will make up about 16 000 cars, including half for export.
In the 1st quarter ZAZ Vida is produced as notchback, for the 2nd quarter it is planned to produce 5-doors hatchback, and beginning from the 2nd half-year Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant plans to master production of Vida-van modification. Plant has full-scale production for ZAZ Vida, including stamping, welding, painting and assembly at the main production line. For the time being, plant works active at localization of ZAZ Vida components production. Till the beginning of May plant will master production of body parts and body plastic components, large-size interior plastic parts, seats. Ukrainian storage batteries, wheels, glasses, wire harnesses etc will be used in production. Localization content over 51% allows to export ZAZ Vida in the 2nd quarter of 2012 to CIS countries markets.
- Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant continues to produce high-quality cars with high technology characteristics and competitive price. Upon results of sales in 2011, ZAZ Lanos was recognized for the sixth consecutive time as absolute best-seller in Ukraine during the All-Ukrainian car rating contest, conducted by the Club of automobile journalists. ZAZ Forza car became winner as "The best moderate car" - the most popular automobile contest "Car of the year 2012 in Ukraine". Beginning from February of 2012, ZAZ Vida are produced at the main production line along with ZAZ Lanos and ZAZ Sens. "I am fully confident that ZAZ Vida will take worthy place at new car market of Ukraine and will be much in demand", said Nikolay Mikhaylovich Yevdokimenko, Chairman of the PJSC "ZAZ".

- Vida means "life", translated from Spanish. ZAZ Vida - cars for life and we are going to offer these cars to our customers and make ZAZ Vida as leader of ZAZ brand family. You may buy ZAZ Vіda car in car show-rooms of the Ukrainian Automobile Corporation. Car price will make up from 90 880 UAH. "It is envisaged warranty for 3 years or 100 thsd. km of run", said Aleksandr Dmitrenko, the General director of DC "UkrAvtoZAZ-service".

ZAZ Vida car is offered with the following set of options: engines of GM, Acteco, MеMZ: 1.5l (86 h.p.) with manual transmission; 1.4l (101 h.p.) with automatic transmission; 1.5l (109 h.p.) with manual transmission; 1.3l (70 h.p.) with manual transmission.

ZAZ Vida notchback. Representative of C-class cars, produced by ZAZ, of S-type with notchback body type. Vida car has up-to-date interior and European appearance as well as god dynamic characteristics, comfort, good driving feeling maneuverability. Maximum speed - 170 km/h, fuel consumption mixed cycle makes up 7.1 - 7.8 l/100 km. Body dimensions of Vida notchback: 4310 х 1710 х 1505 mm. This car has large trunk with volume of 320l (725l when rear seats are folded), it showed itself good during transportation of large quantity of luggage and sized goods.
Vida notchback is produced as Base(S), LS(SE) and LT(SX). This model has wide set of options, presented already at standard equipping level, Base(S): steering booster, tiltable steering column, tachometer, driver air bag, immobilizer, rear fog-lights, electric head lamps leveling device, provision for 4 speakers, chromium-plated radiator grille, tires 185/60R14.
LS(SE) option is additionally equipped with air-conditioner, electric window lift of front doors, electrically driven and heated outer mirrors of body color, central lock, front fog-lights.
LT(SX) option includes also light-metal alloyed wheel disks 185/55R15, AT, interior textile inserts.

ZAZ Vida hatchback. Vida hatchback differs from notchback by body, which length (of hatchback) is shorter by 390mm and narrower by 30mm, which fact makes car more maneuverable and allows to be placed even in the smallest parking places. Moreover, Vida hatchback has good steerability and visibility. This model is designated for young and active buyers and is also suitable for beginners and women.
Hatchback, compared to notchback, has smaller trunk volume of 175 l (735 l when rear seats are folded), nevertheless its form allows to place large-dimensioned goods.
Vida hatchback is planned to be produced by the same sets of options as notchback.

For reference.

• Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant is a member of UkrAVTO group of companies and is the sole Ukrainian company with full-scale production of cars. New up-to-date high-technology production, which meets requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2000, is established and continuously improved at the plant.

• DC "UkrAvtoZAZ-service"- official distributor of ZAZ cars in Ukraine. Dealer network numbers over 85 certified domestic service stations and cars show-rooms, providing comprehensive customers servicing: car sale, warranty and after-sales service. Objective of the distribution company - providing high-skills support to ZAZ cars owners everywhere in Ukraine.

• Ukrainian Automobile Corporation - leader of the Ukrainian car market. First-rate car maker, distributor and provider of services in Ukraine. "UkrAVTO" Corporation - the sole company, having full-scale production, main car exporter to CIS countries and abroad.


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