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18 / 06 / 2013

ZAZ for the first time becomes the leader of passenger cars market in Ukraine

ZAZ for the first time becomes the leader  of passenger cars market in Ukraine


According to the association "Ukravtoprom", in May 2013 ZAZ took the lead on sales of new passenger cars. In addition three models of ZAZ at once - ZAZ Sens, ZAZ Lanos and ZAZ VIDA - were included to the TOP-5 most popular cars in Ukraine.


ZAZ continues to prove its popularity among the countrymen. Official distributor of ZAZ cars in Ukraine, Affiliate "AvtoZAZ-service", records sales of ZAZ models in May 2013 in the quantity of 1762 cars sold. With this figure ZAZ for the first time becomes the leader of passenger cars market  

taking 12% share of it!

"Counting on the potential of increasing the production, we have an opportunity to significantly revise pricing policy for domestic ZAZ brand cars. Thus, in April we started the campaign of discounts, loyal to the purchasing power of the clients, for our most popular cars - ZAZ Lanos and ZAZ Sens. Discounts for these models of 2012 and 2013 manufacturing year reached 7000 UAH - commented sales results Andrey Zalutskiy, General Director of Affiliate "AvtoZAZ-service". - We are delighted that this initiative has resonated with customers and since the launch of a campaign more than two thousand of them became the owners of ZAZ Lanos and ZAZ Sens cars".


The absolute leader in sales among all passenger cars in May of this year was ZAZ Sens with the result of 660 cars sold. ZAZ Sens steadily keeps the reputation of a reliable and easy in maintenance cars at the most loyal price that is undoubtedly chosen by the buyer. Prices for the model start from
56 900 UAH.

The most "popular" car - ZAZ Lanos also confirmed its popularity among Ukrainians. The car, that six years running held the title of "Absolute Sales Leader" by the results of the annual national rating campaign "Autorating", entered the top 5 best-selling passenger cars with the result of 477 cars sold. Today prices for the model amount from 70 000 UAH.


The best affordable car in 2013 according to competition "Car of the year in Ukraine 2013" - ZAZ VIDA - also demonstrates consistently high sales results. 463 cars sold - with this result ZAZ VIDA closes the group of 5 leaders in May. High sales results were surely promoted by the campaign "Clearance Sale", which was extended till the end of June 2013, with discounts for the model up to 9060 UAH. Prices for ZAZ VIDA start from  82 200 UAH.

"Our goal is to secure the leading position in the passenger cars market of Ukraine. - commented Andrey Zalutskiy. - We are convinced that achievement of this goal will be favored by high quality of cars, manufactured by Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant, and always loyal pricing policy that we follow in relation to our customers".

The authority of ZAZ brand is a longstanding tradition of cars' manufacturing at the domestic industrial facilities, taking into account the best international practices. Today the manufacturer offers European warranty of 3 years or 100 thousand kilometers for its cars. At the same time service interval has been increased to 15 thousand kilometers.

Detailed information about ZAZ models you may find at, as well as by hot line: 0 800 500 233 (Toll-free from Landline in Ukraine).

Visit ZAZ page at social networking websites:


Affiliate "AvtoZAZ-service" is the official distributor of ZAZ cars in Ukraine. Since 2002 "AvtoZAZ-service" company represents products of Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant. ZAZ model line-up is represented with the following cars: ZAZ VIDA, ZAZ Forza,  ZAZ Lanos,  ZAZ Sens,  ZAZ Lanos Pick-up.

"AvtoZAZ-service" today is a developed network of dealer centers, having more than 150 service stations and showrooms all around Ukraine; it's a complete range of services, starting from test-drive, vehicle sales, insurance, crediting and further official warranty and post-warranty repairs; it's a high-professional support for ZAZ cars' owners in any part of Ukraine.

PJSC "Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant" (PJSC "ZAZ") is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which has the complete cycle of passenger cars' production, including stamping, welding, painting, trimming the bodies and assembling the vehicles. The company has established and is continuously improving the qualitatively new, modern, high-tech production. The priorities of PJSC "ZAZ" are permanent aspiration for improvement of own products, working on implementation of new ideas and expanding the model range of vehicles.


PJSC "ZAZ" and Affiliate "AvtoZAZ-service" are included into "UkrAVTO" group of companies. Ukrainian Automobile Corporation is the largest company in Ukraine for manufacturing and sales of vehicles, spare parts and components, as well as for provision of auto services.


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