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02 / 12 / 2013

From now on all ZAZ cars meet Euro 4 environmental standards

From now on all ZAZ cars meet Euro 4 environmental standards

Since November of 2013 all ZAZ cars have been certified in accordance with Euro-4 standard and fully comply with the standards and requirements of environmental standard to minimize harm to the environment.
Due to pollution of the environment by harmful substances from the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines, not only big cities, but also entire regions are in the area of environmental risk to people and the environment. The problem of harmful emissions from internal combustion engines becomes more acute in consideration of the steady increase in the number of motor vehicles older than 10 years, intensification of traffic flows and imperfect measures aimed at reducing the amount of harmful substances during operation.
Euro 4 is an environmental standard, which governs the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases (in accordance with the Rules of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe No. 83-05 (B). Procedure of motor vehicles modification to Euro-4 environmental standard provides carrying out certain modernization actions with the vehicle, aimed at reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Since November of 2013 all cars of ZAZ model line meet Euro-4 environmental standard.
Thus, on ZAZ Sens car fuel injection system control software was optimized, catalyst content, as well as the shape of combustion chamber and the crankcase ventilation system were modified. Such changes allowed to optimize the operation, reduce the content of residual hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases, increase the stability of engine operation at idle and obtain the car emission rates that conform to Euro-4 emission standard.
In ZAZ Lanos cars, in order to meet Euro-4 environmental standard, a new fuel injection system control unit "Gionix" was applied, which improved the riding abilities of the car and helped to reduce fuel consumption.
From now on ZAZ VIDA and ZAZ Forza cars fully comply with Euro-4 environmental standard.
You can become the owner of any car from ZAZ with benefit! Till the end of this year the program "Time of discounts from ZAZ continues!" with discounts for the entire range of ZAZ passenger cars is valid. The for active motorists - ZAZ Forza - becomes closer to the buyer for 4000 UAH! Price offers for ZAZ Forza start from 81,700 UAH. Discounts for the leading model of domestic producer, which will be enjoyed by the whole family, - ZAZ VIDA - amount to 6,460 UAH. We'd like to remind that this year ZAZ VIDA has established a unique car record of the country, having successfully passed 4767 km throughout Ukraine without stopping the engine! "Record" car is available for sale at the price from 82,200 UAH. Favourite cars of domestic drivers - ZAZ Lanos and ZAZ Sens - continue to maintain low prices as well, they are still available with discounts up to 7,100 UAH. Thus, the prices for "bestseller" at the domestic market of this year - ZAZ Sens - start from only 56,900 UAH! This model, being the most affordable in its class, became also the best-selling among all models at Ukrainian car market upon the results of 10 months of 2013.
In addition, the buyer has the option to purchase ZAZ car with favorable credit offers. PJSC "Kredobank" offers the customer credit terms with an annual interest rate just from 3.99%, down payment from 10% of the car value, the maximum loan term up to 7 years . At the same time a number of other loan programs that meet the diverse needs of the clients are valid. Among them there are loan programs with annual interest rate of just 0.001% during grace period up to 18 months!
Today the manufacturer offers European-like warranty of 3 years or 100 thsd. km for ZAZ passenger cars. At the same time service interval is 15 thsd. km allowing to save owner's time and money for maintenance.

ZAZ are the cars for living!
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