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26 / 12 / 2013

Car loans at only 3.99% per annum? - Select ZAZ!

Car loans at only 3.99% per annum? - Select ZAZ!

All passenger cars of ZAZ model line - VIDA, Forza, Lanos and Sens - are available on credit at the rate only from 3.99% per annum!

Buying ZAZ car on credit is a beneficial alternative for those who need a good quality car at an affordable price today! Especially because it is so easy to get the credit! - Just a few minutes in any car sales outlet of "AvtoZAZ-service" dealer network through "Express Credit" system. But the most importantly are favorable credit conditions, which will not leave motorists indifferent!
In particular, it is possible to become the owner of a new car from ZAZ on credit in partnership with PJSC "Kredobank" , which offers a number of profitable credit advantages to the buyers of ZAZ cars:
 Annual interest rate - only from 3.99%
 Down payment - from 10% of the car cost
 The maximum loan term - up to 7 years (84 months).
 No client commission fee
To make yourself a real gift under the New Year' tree as ZAZ car is even easier thanks to special price offers with special discounts for all passenger cars of the brand!

Thus, discounts for new ZAZ Forza cars of 2012 production year amount to 4000 UAH. The price of the model in the basic version starts from just 81,700 UAH. At the same time it is possible to become the owner of the best affordable car of this year (according to the All-Ukrainian competition "Car of the Year 2013") - ZAZ VIDA - by the price starting from 82,200 UAH. Discounts for various versions of the model are valid, amounting to 6,460 UAH! While favourite cars of Ukrainian drivers - ZAZ Lanos and ZAZ Sens - are available with discounts up to 7,100 UAH. The prices for these models are amazing, starting from only 70,000 UAH and 56,900 UAH respectively !
Thus, credit conditions combined with an affordable price make buying a new ZAZ car not just as simple as possible, but also profitable!

Examples of monthly payments for buying ZAZ cars on conditions of credit offer from PJSC "Kredobank"
Model Price, UAH, Down payment,
UAH Monthly payment, including interest rate*, UAH
incl. VAT
56,900 10% 5,690.00 UAH 1-84 months 903.72 UAH
50% 28,450.00 UAH 1-84 months 472.16 UAH
70,000 10% 7,000.00 UAH 1-84 months 1,111.79 UAH
50% 35,000.00 UAH 1-84 months 580.86 UAH
81,700 10% 8,170.00 UAH 1-84 months 1,297.61 UAH
50% 40,850.00 UAH 1-84 months 677.95 UAH
82,200 10% 8,220.00 UAH 1-84 months 1,305.55 UAH
50% 41,100.00грн 1-84 months 682.10 UAH
*From the 13th month interest rate on the credit is floating
We remind that the manufacturer offers the buyer of ZAZ cars the service warranty of 3 years or 100 thsd. km. At the same time service interval is 15 thsd. km, which corresponds to European standards of warranty policy for cars' maintenance.
Take an opportunity! Buy ZAZ cars profitably!

More information about ZAZ cars you may find at, as well as by hot line: 0 800 500 233 (Toll-free from Landline in Ukraine).
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