4Customs & License Complex of PrJC "ZAZ"

Customs & License Complex of PrJC "ZAZ", located in Zaporozhye at Lunacharskogo str., 9A, offers the services of customs broker, cargo-handling operations and provision of temporary storage warehouse (for non-food products).
Cargo Customs Complex - a permanent subdivision of Zaporozhye customs house - carried out customs legalization of goods in a "single window" and as a result - in the shortest possible time. In the administrative building the customs legalization divisions of Zaporozhye customs house and offices of such state supervisory services as sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution, ecological monitoring, plants' quarantine are accommodated and operated.
The prospects of development of the Customs & License Complex of PrJC "ZAZ" include: increasing the terminal area; installation of electronic truck scales; installation of the unified electronic registration system for goods and vehicles; services of temporary storage warehouse - enclosed premises for food products; service of customs bonded warehouse - enclosed premises.




For reference:

total area of the complex - 1.4 ha;
area of "Naberezhny" terminal (customs supervision zone) - 15400 sq.m;
check point - under round-the-clock guard;
open type temporary storage warehouse - enclosed space "Hangar" - 859.4 sq.m.

Customs & License Complex of PC "ZAZ" ,
Lunacharskogo str., 9А, tel./fax: 286-06-09.



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