Melitopol Engine Plant is a self-supporting subdivision of the PrJC "ZAZ". Its history started in the year of 1908, when I. Zaferman established a company engaged in production of oil engines.
The history of the plant is closely linked with the production of power units and continuous development. That was just the city of Melitopol where the first engines for the legendary car "Zaporozhets" were manufactured. Cars "Tavria", "Slavuta" and "Sens" produced by Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant are also equipped with Melitopol engines.
Melitopol Engine Plant became the first company in Ukraine, which designed the engine with the multi-point fuel injection and engine electronic control systems (MeMZ-307 with the power of 70 h.p.).
In 2004 the plant obtained a Certificate of conformance of its Quality Management System with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000, issued by the transnational International Technical Company of BUREAU VERITAS.
Despite of the fact that Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant remains to be the principal customer of Melitopol Engine Plant, certain part of the products (spare parts) are being exported. Nowadays the Company employs more than three thousand persons. Its operation is supported by 256 suppliers (203 in Ukraine, 45 in Russia and 8 in foreign countries). Apart from engines' production Melitopol Engine Plant manufactures such new products as semi trailer for car carriers, evacuating vehicles, cargo platforms, TATA-based vans.
Melitopol Engine Plant manufactures power units meeting the EURO- 2 requirements: engines with displacement up to 1.4 L and gear boxes.
Contacts of SSS "Melitopol Engine Plant": +380 (292) 7-41-40, 7-41-16.


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