After the tests and final treatment the batch of cars is delivered to the stockyard for finished cars, to car logistics department. The stockyard capacity is more than 1300 new cars, which are every day ready for shipment to the sales network of Ukraine and abroad.

Streamlined ZAZ's logistics system is being developed constantly, ensuring on-the-fly efficiency and quality of works related both to just-in-time deliveries of component parts to the plant's conveyers and timely deliveries of finished cars to sales network upon a request of its future owner. Logistics Center (area: 12 thsd.m²), located at the plant's territory, operates uninterruptedly, allowing to receive hundred thousands of cargoes, being necessary for the production process, and to conduct their efficient handling and delivery to any point of designation at the production lines. Nowadays logistics system also includes two yards for storage and shipment of finished products with the total area of 51,289 m², where more than 1,300 new cars ready for everyday dispatch to wherever you want in Ukraine can be stored.

JSC "ZAZ" is actively implementing the export policy, strengthening the achieved positions on the export markets and developing the new directions. The company exports the cars, KD kits and components to Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

The signed contracts reflect the potential of JSC "ZAZ", its image and financial welfare, that gives positive pulse to the consumers and markets.


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