Painting process consists of two constituents: body painting anf plastic parts painting.
Before delivering the parts to painting booths, they pass degreasing, washing, blowing and drying in the surface pretreatment machine. After gas-flame treatment and blowing with ionized air, the parts are delivered to priming and painting booths. All processes are carried out by means of robots.

Body surface pretreatment at the stage of degreasing and phosphating is carried out by the method of sinking into cataphoresis tank and spraying, using the phosphating and cathodic electrophoresis. Using painting materials, manufactured by BASF and KCC companies, and modern painting technology provide the warranty against rust-through corrosion of the body for 10 years.
After sealers' application stage there is tricyclic painting process. Spraying gun head of each "SAMES" robot is turning with the speed of 30 thousand revolutions per minute, painting of one body takes 1 minute and 25 seconds.
The lines ensure using both "pastel" and "metallic" paints. Painting shop is equipped with nine modern robots, five of them are intended for application of paint, four - for application of clear coat. Capacity of Painting shop - conveyer with a speed of 3.75 m/min, where the bodies are painted in 12 colors: 8 - metallic, 4 - pastel.
New robotized equipment can be easily reprogrammed, performing the painting fast and with high quality. Two automatic lines with the total conveyer length of 4 100 m are operating in production.

Painting conveyers ensure the capacity of 32 bodies per hour.


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