As a result of technical re-equipment, PrJC "ZAZ" has the possibility to manufacture all body parts for "Lanos" cars without exception and is ready to put into production the dies for any model of А, В, С, Е-class cars. Currently all body parts for "Lanos" (notchback, hatchback and van versions), "Slavuta" and "Tavria Pickup" cars are being manufactured.

Press production consists of thee shops - large, medium and small size parts stamping. In the process of car body parts manufacturing the following equipment is engaged: automatic blanking lines "AIDA", multiple-point presses "FAGOR", "Hitachi Zosen", "Erfurt", "Ravne"; for loading, transferring and unloading the parts automatic lines are used.
There are no similar kinds of equipment at the territory of CIS, and in general the existing equipment provides the company with the possibility of fulfilling the orders for domestic market and for export, thus significantly extending the opportunities of establishing the cooperative relations with world car makers, as well as selling the products.

The volume of processed rolled sheet products makes up 90 000 ton per year.


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