Automation of production, which has practically fully excluded the manpower, especially at the stage of body welding, increased the speed and improved the quality of performed operations. Body welding is carried out on the lines furnished with unique equipment, having no analogs in Ukraine. The operations are performed by robot-technological systems. Maximum mechanization and automation of welding production enables, with low labor costs, not only to ensure the quality in compliance with the most strict requirements, but also to control it with modern diagnostic facilities.
Welding production comprises flexible automatic lines "FANUC", "СОМАU", "КUKA" and control systems "Texas-500", "Alen-Bredley", "Simatik-110".

The quality level of welded bodies is evaluated in body measuring laboratory, using modern equipment which corresponds to the world standards. Coordinate measuring machine PRO Compact, which is installed in the laboratory, is multifunction; it performs measuring functions, scans the surfaces and, using the software, transforms them into three-dimensional image surfaces. The quality of welded joints is controlled by tear-down and non-destructive methods. The quality of outer surface and compliance of gaps of the closure parts is controlled on 100% of manufactured bodies.

Production capacity makes up 22 bodies per hour.


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